8: Rejects from the Brain Farm || They’re Not Cousins #8

In this episode, we talk about Ikuko’s hot mom status, Doctor Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine, and that one time Cassie lived in a mansion.

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  1. Robin Seymour

    As I was listening I noticed you were very confused why Amy’s power was water-based. This is because each of their powers and colors are based on the Japanese names for the planets that they are associated with. So mercury in Japanese is Suisei or quite literally the water planet. Hence Her name which is Mizuno refers to water as well as the planet that she represents is the water planet. This scheme also continues through the names of all of the senshi.

    • They're Not Cousins

      Thanks so much, Robin! That’s great to know! We had a baseline knowledge of Takeuchi’s naming conventions, but that gives us better context for Ami.

      We appreciate any and all attempts to help us when we talk about things that we’re wholly unqualified to have opinions on. XD

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